The Best Maid Service Bentonville Offers

We are a local to Bentonville, Arkansas maid service offering weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly recurring cleaning. Our services are customer-focused and always worthy of 5-star ratings. When our maids show up, we are ready to not only clean your home but also to give you back time so you can enjoy the things you love. Request an estimate to learn why your friends and family in Bentonville are choosing Busted Knuckles cleaning co.

What’s Included With The Recurring Maid Service Package?

We provide a recurring maid service that is extensive and saves you the hassle of needing to clean yourself. Our recurring cleaning package is completely customizable based on the needs of your household but typically includes the following:

  • Tidying all rooms of your home
  • Dusting furniture
  • Vacuuming
  • Disinfecting bathrooms
  • De-greasing and cleaning kitchens
  • Making beds
  • Cleaning Glass
  • And completing many more cleaning tasks

How Much Does Maid Service Cost In Bentonville, Arkansas?

When you hire Busted Knuckles, maid service cost is based on hourly rates. The standard hourly rate to hire recurring maids and house cleaners in Bentonville are $30 per hour. Though total costs vary based on how clean your home is, most homes averaging 2,000 square feet cost between $100 and $130 to clean per recurring visit.

Will The Same Maid Clean My Home Every Time?

We try our hardest to send the same maid to your home every visit. In the case of call-ins or scheduling changes, we may substitute cleaners.

Typically, your home will be cleaned by a single maid but larger projects sometimes require multiple cleaning professionals.

Maid Service
Service Type
Maid Service
Provider Name
Busted Knuckles Cleaning,
2709 SE I St Suite 11 ,Bentonville,Arkansas-72712,
Telephone No.+1 (479) 330-0202
Bentonville, Arkansas

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