Post COVID-19 Life

Are you going stir crazy due to so many businesses being shut down in NW Arkansas due to Rona and not being able to visit with people? Us too!

However, there is wonderful news on the horizon that has started coming our way with the introduction of re-opening our local businesses. Starting May 11 th , 2020 Phase I implementation of opening dine-in restaurants will begin. Not only that, but soon we learn the Governor’s plan for re-opening gyms, salons, and other socially busy businesses.

Many are excited with the possibility of getting back to their normal life pre-COVID, but what will Post COVID-19 look like?

China has led the way with being the first to contract the virus and the first to give us a look of what post COVID-19 will look like for the United States. Even if the virus has not been completely eradicated from China, the country has started lifting their restrictions for their people to get back to a somewhat normal life. Not only for a normal life, but also to boost the failing economy.

Here is a look into China’s Post COVID-Life for months to a year(s) to come:

  1. Masks or other PPE always to be worn in public.
  2. Staying 6 ft. away while hanging out with friends and extended family for social gathers.
  3. Website and delivery orders will still be favored over store shopping to avoid crowds.
  4. Select businesses to remain closed till Phase III

For the next couple of months to a year the United States may find themselves having to follow similar instruction. Will you find yourself following those guidelines or do you have something else in mind?

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