Thanksgiving Travels: A Guide to Navigating the Holiday Rush and Securing Your Home

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and feasting. But for many, it’s also a time for travel. Millions of Americans hit the road or take to the skies each year to visit loved ones during the holiday weekend. While the crowds can be daunting, there are a few things you can do to make your Thanksgiving travels a little smoother and ensure your home is safe and secure while you’re away.

Planning Ahead for a Smooth Travel Experience

The key to stress-free Thanksgiving travel is to plan ahead. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Map out your route if you’re driving and make sure your car is in good working order. Get your car serviced before you leave, check for traffic conditions, and pack snacks and drinks for the road.
  • Avoid the Peak Days. The busiest days to travel for Thanksgiving are the Wednesday before the holiday and the Sunday after. If you can, try to avoid traveling on these days. Instead, consider flying on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving or driving on the Monday after.
  • Be Patient. No matter when you travel, expect some delays. Airports and roads will be crowded, so be patient and allow yourself plenty of extra time. And if something does go wrong, try to stay calm and work with the airlines or transportation companies to resolve the issue.
  • Make the Most of It. Traveling during Thanksgiving can be a fun and festive experience. Embrace the holiday spirit and enjoy the time spent with your loved ones.

Securing Your Home While You’re Away

Before you head off on your Thanksgiving travels, it’s important to take steps to secure your home. Here are some tips to keep your property safe while you’re away:

  • Stop mail and newspaper deliveries. A pile of mail or newspapers is a telltale sign that no one is home. Ask a neighbor to collect your mail or put a hold on your mail service with the USPS.
  • Use timers for indoor and outdoor lighting. To make it appear as though someone is home, use timers to turn on lights inside and outside of your house at various times throughout the day and night.
  • Unplug electronics. To reduce the risk of electrical fires, unplug electronics and appliances before you leave.
  • Lock all windows and doors. Make sure all windows and doors are locked securely before you leave. Consider investing in smart locks that can be controlled remotely.
  • Let a trusted friend or neighbor know you’ll be away. Inform a trusted friend or neighbor that you’ll be away and ask them to keep an eye on your house. They can check for any unusual activity and let you know if there are any problems.
  • Consider a home security system. If you have the budget, consider installing a home security system with alarms and cameras. This can provide an extra layer of protection for your home while you’re away.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your home is safe and secure while you’re away on your Thanksgiving travels. Remember to plan ahead, be patient, and make the most of your holiday getaway. Safe travels and happy Thanksgiving!

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